Welcome to Casa Serendipity

The Venue

Majahuitas is a small family-owned resort, remotely located just south of downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on the south shore of Banderas Bay.

Our selection of Majahuitas Resort was made specifically to compliment the work you will be doing. Heartfelt work needs to be done in a soothing, peaceful environment.

We will have the entire resort to ourselves… No other guests, just us!

The natural environment invites you to Let Go and Unwind.

Majahuitas Resort runs on gas generators and some solar power.
There is no other electricity source anywhere at the resort – which means you get to take a break from technology!

NO reason for laptops – tablets and cellphones optional.

NO nightly news, no hairdryers – makeup is optional.

NO WiFi will be provided! However, most cellphones do have good reception but use your data sparingly. There will be opportunities to make phone-calls or be on the internet, (using your own data), during the breaks. You WILL be able to charge your cell phone or tablet.

Either way, your family back home will have an emergency contact just in case.

There is refrigeration for medications

You will enjoy one of eight lovely open-air traditionally Mexican “Casitas”. Because the Casitas are open-air, the bedrooms are not fully enclosed, although the beds are privately situated (not next to each other or seen from one bed to another).

Imagine lying in bed feeling the soft breeze and waking up to the amazing views!

Each of the individual Casitas has between 1 to 3 beds and 1 to 2 bathrooms. Each person will have their own bed unless you come with your significant other or a close friend and prefer to sleep together. You and your Casita-mates will share the bathroom(s).