Welcome to Casa Serendipity

Our Team

Giselle Belanger, RN, LCSW

Lead Therapist

Lynn Rogers, PhD


Noé Rodriguez, Lic. Psychologist


We have put together an amazing team to work with all of you

We want to maximize your experience and valuable time spent with us on this transformational complete immersion experience.
Each of the team members brings their own unique style and approach and years of experience and wisdom.
We will work altogether in one large group as well as break into smaller groups throughout the day. You will benefit from having three awesome dedicated therapists to guide you through your healing journey.
     We will be with you all day, every day, and participate in every single activity with you! Unheard of, but true! You will receive over 9 hours of various types of therapeutic activities per day or more than 36 hours for the week!
Just imagine the combined benefit of all of us working together with you and towards your highest good!
This kind of therapeutic interaction is priceless!
It is a very unique concept for a retreat and one that will be life-changing.