Welcome to Casa Serendipity

Is this Transformational Retreat for YOU?

Do you feel unappreciated and that no matter what you do, it’s never enough?

Would it warm your heart to receive praise and recognition? How long has it been since you received a sincere compliment? When is the last time someone expressed heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for you and gave you a Big HUG?

We believe this is essential to your personal growth and healing process! So we created specific exercises and have carefully woven them into our daily routine, allowing each of you to practice providing and receiving praise and recognition, and expressing heartfelt gratitude to the group members.

By the time our week is over, you will leave with a wonderful collection of personally written notes, from each and every person, expressing praise and gratitude, You will leave feeling appreciated, recognized, and validated, and will carry your head high!

Does your heartache because you miss the closeness and connection with others?

In our interactive group work, we provide you with a safe and nurturing atmosphere to practice sharing your feelings, which is the lifeblood of achieving Connection.

You will listen and encourage one another.

Imagine the connection you will feel with each other! And, you’ll leave with the tools to replicate this in your everyday life!

Has life become so overwhelming that you look for ways to numb and escape your feelings?

Can you imagine that every time a problem came up in your life, you faced it head-on with courage instead of numbing and avoiding it altogether?
What ways do you use to escape your present reality…alcohol, drugs, television, video games, computers, smartphones? We are providing you with an opportunity to lean into your pain and FEEL, instead of escaping.
That’s why we decided to take you to a remote beach located off the grid, where there are no temptations to distract you, and alcohol will not be served!

Feeling exhausted from trying so hard to make everything in your life perfect?

Imagine learning how to shift your viewpoint from perfection to one of appreciation.

After diving into our ART Journaling exercises, you will feel the pleasure and relaxation of getting lost in mixing colors and other creative expressions, and you will… …watch your obsession with perfection begin to melt away.

Wouldn’t it be a huge relief to stop comparing yourself to others?

During all of our selected activities, you’ll learn how to let go of comparing and your thirst for validation, and learn that You Are Enough the way you are.

You will let go of your need for approval!

We will all do the best we can, as we participate together in all of the planned activities… Even if we fall flat on our face! 🙂

Do you dream about having the Self-Confidence to really “Live Life”?

Do you find that you have become more of a bystander in life rather than diving in and giving it your all?
Imagine wholeheartedly participating and feeling like part of the group.

You are not alone!

It’s truly a lovely feeling to shed your “invisibility” and show up, be seen, be heard, and cared about. Get ready for some very lively, fun times!

Are you ready to wholeheartedly embrace the beautiful soul inside of you?

Imagine shedding those inaccurate messages you’ve been carrying around all these years in your head.

Wouldn’t your life be lighter, easier, and less exhausting, if you…
learned to replace them with compassionate, kind thoughts and inspiring truths about who you really are?!

Learn to connect with your heart and zero in on your true desires.

Shake Up Your Life and be among those who dare to go for what they really want.

Yes, it’s possible! We’ll show you how to dig deep and come up with a big handful of courage.

Let our music and play experiences take you beyond your comfort zone to a vulnerable place where you will discover how good it feels to take risks and allow new experiences.

…Come and discover the “New You”!