Welcome to Casa Serendipity

A Typical Day

7:00 am Good Morning! Rise and Shine!

You will awaken early to soft tropical breezes and the sound of gentle waves.

Delightful fruit, bread, and beverages will be provided as a pre-breakfast snack… (Coffee, please!).

Then you’ll welcome each new day with a MEDITATION where you’ll learn to quiet the mind, observe your thoughts, and Be still.

YOGA on the beach is next, as you stretch, attempt poses, practice balance, and become more flexible.

9:00 am Breakfast

A full hearty breakfast including fresh tropical fruits is then served outdoors with a glorious view of the serene bay.

Many times whales decide to put on a spectacular show as they pass by, or even enter, the Majahuitas cove!

9:45 am Interactive Group Work…

Let’s Dig In….!

Time to gather for group work…… to connect, and interact as you share your story, listen to others, and learn from each other as the group leader guides us along.This daily group experience will EMPOWER you, teach you, touch you, and eventually free you to be who you really are.

We have gone to great lengths to assure you feel welcome, safe, and completely comfortable – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

Time to tap into your creative side and Awaken the Child artist in each of you, in our ART Journaling exercise. The topic of the day is processed quietly, as you look inward for ways to artistically and symbolically express your feelings.  …No worries stick-figures are acceptable 🙂

And….you will PLAY!  A great time for fun and laughter! You’ll dare to leave your comfort zone and do things you may have never done before….like kayaking, paddle-boarding, salsa dancing, and volleyball.

You will discover how good it feels to take risks and allow new experiences while the group cheers you on!

No winners or losers here… we will all do the best we can!

2:30 pm Lunch, Give Me A Break!

After a scrumptious lunch, you will take a well-deserved break!

You might curl up and take a great afternoon nap, leisurely swim, or walk up the river-bed …or perhaps sway in a hammock and dig into a good book.

Become Rejuvenated!

Treat yourself to a Relaxing Massage surrounded by nature in a secluded area. Allow your physical body to be renewed as our expertly trained massage therapists work their magic to release the tension… EXHALE as you feel the stress melt away… If you’ve never had a massage, this is another opportunity to leave your comfort zone and allow a fantastic new experience into your life.

You deserve it!

5:00 pm Ok, What Happened Today?

We will gather as a group again to share your ART journaling assignments and stories of your PLAY experiences.

Time to Share!

It’s extremely rewarding and validating to hear what other group members experienced… whether it was challenging, funny, upsetting, makes you laugh, or brings you to tears.

You will feel connected, understood, praised, encouraged, and will receive compassion and empathy.

7:30 pm Let’s Eat And Feel The Beat!

Now – Dinner!

A lovely 3-course meal will be served to us as we gather at an authentically Mexican dining table, under a HUGE candle-lit “chandelier”! The delightful flavors of our meal, together with the atmosphere of the candlelight, is “barefoot elegance” at its best!

After dinner, it’s time to Shake things up a bit with some MUSIC!

Have you ever “drummed” before? It’s an experience you will always remember!

…and then it will be time to enter the stillness…

You will sit under the stars and have a calming MEDITATION before you head back to your “Casitas” and snuggle in with your pillow.

Sweet dreams – until tomorrow!